What makes a platform brilliant?

What makes a platform brilliant? Tim O’Reilly suggests platforms have the following characteristics:

  1. Platforms spread when they are ubiquitous and barriers to entry are low.
  2. Communications oriented. Strong platforms establish and document the rules of communication early so that all members know how to communicate with each other.
  3. Rules should create an architecture of participation. Participation is easy with simple elements.
  4. Platforms establish clearly defined boundaries (an api) with clearly defined extensions layers (third-party apps).
  5. Extending the platform is simple with permissionless extensibility.
  6. Platforms are “open enough”
  7. Simple solutions allow for incredible evolution.
  8. Big point: people should be able to innovate on top of your platform without ever consulting you.
  9. Successul platforms drive using data. “If Google were a restaurant, they would be photographing the plates.

You can listen to Tim O'Rielly's full talk here.


Ana Andjelic said...

have you noticed this: for each and every one of these rules, the opposite one can be said to be correct and/or there is an example where this rule doesn't apply. (insert Friendster in each and you will know what i mean).

either the principle of falsification is at play, or just the opposite: these rules are so general that they can't be proven wrong.

Leland said...

I never caught that, but I know what you mean.